Down East June 2013

June 2013

The table of contents from the June 2013 issue of Down East.



Last Rose Standing

Or, my Rugosa just beat up your all-America selection.



A Town For All Seasons

Kingfield no longer slumbers after the skiers have gone.



Urban Safari

A hard day’s journey across Portland proves that even in Maine’s big city, wilderness is close at hand.



Throne of Games

Step off the sand and into your childhood at York Beach’s Fun-O-Rama.




Where in Maine?

Can you identify this relic of Maine’s fishing industry?



Editor’s Note

The North Pond Hermit



The Mail

Letters to the editor.



Your Maine

What’s your favorite mountain hike in Maine?



The North Pond Hermit

Christopher Knight ran into the woods of Rome, Maine, in 1986, set up camp, and didn’t leave for twenty-seven years. He had only one brief interaction with another human during that time and committed more than 1,000 burglaries in order to feed and clothe himself. He was finally caught on April 4 stealing from Pine Tree Camp.



What’s in a Picture?

Prior to Puffins



A Haven for Hermits

The entrepreneurial success of the “Hermit of the Maine Desert” shows a longtime fascination with recluses in the Pine Tree State.



Speed Trap

After a kidnapping, Jackman’s highway “patrolman” is back on duty.



Feathers and Suds

Maine birders are on the look out for some rare breeds — no binoculars required.



Where’s the Fire?

Twenty-five years after Maine voted for Enhanced 911, the system remains a work in progress. But it does work (sort of) and it’s making progress (gradually). Just give it time (and money). A story of unintended consequences, the birth of a bureaucracy, and the quirky workings of Maine politics.



On the Rocks

A village garden is blessed with a bucolic view.



The Ultimate (Maine) Home Enthusiast

Television personality Steve Thomas settles 
into a new job with Habitat for Humanity 
— and a Penobscot Bay island home.



Light Years Ahead

When Hyperlite Mountain Gear’s founder Mike St. Pierre couldn’t find the ultralight outdoor equipment he wanted, he created it himself.



Summer Complaints

One island resident laments her seemingly endless role as hostess during Maine’s popular season.



Home Kitchen Cafe

By Nancy Heiser
Photographed by Douglas Merriam

How do you make the best sticky and cinnamon buns in the world? Practice, practice, practice.



The Train to Success

New York Times bestselling author Christina Baker Kline talks about the Maine inspirations behind her latest — and most successful — novel, Orphan Train.



Tasting Tour

The Maine Sea Salt Company offers visitors a behind the scenes look at the manufacture of a popular seasoning.



June Calendar

Go here. Do this. See that.


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