January 2013


The Snows of Katahdin

Most people climb Maine’s highest peak in the summer, but some are daring enough to do it in the winter.

A Better Brew

Mainers have always been crazy for coffee, even if the gourmet trend took a while to catch on here. Now a new wave of specialty roasters is redefining the state’s favorite beverage for a new generation of coffee enthusiasts.

The Subaru: A Maine Love Story

The Surprising Popularity of a Sensible Car.


Where in Maine?

Can you identify this snow-covered island and lighthouse?

Editor’s Note

Maine in ten years.

The Mail

Letters to the editor

Your Maine

Q: What is your favorite way to enjoy winter in Maine?

Kiss the Fish

Eastport is home to one of the country’s quirkiest new year celebrations.

What’s in a Picture?

Congresswoman Snowe

Hope Floats

Amid Sandy’s destruction in Chelsea’s art gallery district, some Maine artists counted their blessings.

Mending Bridges

Two states with different priorities negotiate the fates of the spans that unite them.

The Winter House

A renovated milk shed serves as the soul of a suburban Scarborough dream home.


The flying squirrels in Mark Bloomer’s backyard have become Fort Fairfield celebrities.

Soup For You! Cafe

Farmington’s iconic soup and sandwich shop

January Calendar


From Our Archives: January 2003

A look back at Down East ten years ago