Down East February 2013

February 2013

The table of contents from the February 2013 issue of Down East.


Northern Light

In February, we treasure every extra minute of daylight. Photos by Paul Cyr and Susan Cole Kelly


Never Forget

Maine and the world’s largest land mammal seem an unlikely pair, but the two share a long, curious history. By Amy Sutherland


Think Fast

Every February, Bridgton plays host to the Four Square World Championships and its colorful cast of characters. By Will Bleakley


The Ice Age

Cutting and storing ice for refrigeration, once a lucrative Maine industry, lives on at a few remote sporting camps. By Paul J. Fournier



Where in Maine?

Can you identify this frosted lobsterman’s shack?


Editor’s Note

Down East comes to the iPad.


Your Maine

What’s your antidote to cabin fever?


R.I.P Maine’s Independent Cinemas?

The conversion to digital threatens Maine’s downtown movie theaters.


What’s in a Picture?

Snowshoe Bawdiness


Local Heroes

A young scholar of history has collected personal stories of World War II soldiers.


Group Effort

Three friends build an unconventional triple-decker on Portland’s Munjoy Hill.


Marijuana in Maine

Last year, voters in Colorado and Washington legalized the recreational use of pot. Will Maine be the next state to follow suit? By Jeff Clark


Traditional, Simple, and Warm

Robin Hansen’s Lithuanian Ribby Knit mittens are the perfect cure for the Maine cold.


The Winning Hand

A Moosehead Lake poker run is the way life should be in winter.


The Mail

Letters to the editor



Mountaintop Dining at Sugarloaf



A gruesome tale of survival and cannibalism still fascinates after three hundred years.


February Calendar

Go here. Do this. See that.


From Our Archives: Winter 1955

A Look Back at Down East Fifty-Eight Years Ago