Down East August 2013

August 2013

The table of contents from the August 2013 issue of Down East.


15 Reasons We Love Acadia

(in no particular order)


Battle on the Barrens

As the blueberry-raking season comes to a close in Washington County, migrant farm workers celebrate with a clash of nations on the soccer field. Mexico, Honduras, and the U.S. square off at the annual Wyman’s Cup.


Katahdin: The Mountain, The Muse

Maine’s hulking natural monolith has inspired landscape painters for well over a century. In a new book, Art of Katahdin, David Little explores this overlooked aspect of the great peak.


“Chefs Today Are Nothing But a Bunch of Punks”

Refined John Conte is not, but Maine’s most temperamental, uh, chef knows a thing or two about seafood and pasta.



Where in Maine?

Can you identify the homeport of this stately schooner?


Editor’s Note



The Mail

Letters to the editor


Your Maine

What is Maine’s best summer festival?


A True Milestone

A couple works a little magic in Augusta.


What’s in a Picture?

The Gibson Guy


The Lost Graveyard

Gatchell Cemetery memorializes a Brunswick neighborhood.


Tick Check

Maine has the nation’s third highest rate of Lyme disease, but the illness 
remains misunderstood and is often misdiagnosed.


Head of State

Penobscot tribal leader Kirk Francis has redefined the “chief” in CEO.


The High Life

A family builds a child’s dream come true up in the treetops on the Maine coast.


A Public Affair

Maine’s public gardens are more than just beautiful — they’re arsenals of gardening knowledge, and even the greenest of thumbs can learn a thing or two while strolling the peaceful paths of these twelve botanical oases (though there are, of course, many more). Use this guide to find your most-loved blooms and discover new favorites to plant at home.


The Invaders

The sighting of Maine’s first Eurasian collared-dove is not a cause for celebration.


Building a Better Brew

From a farmhouse in Newcastle, Oxbow Brewing Company blends knockout beer with a homegrown sense of cool.


Martha, Martha, Martha!

How the world’s wedding expert nearly ruined mine.


The Well

Farm to table dining in Cape Elizabeth.



At Nervous Nellie’s on Deer Isle, Peter Beerits has created a playful world populated by cowboys, dragons, and checkers-playing fish.


Up and at ‘Em

Let go of your (totally rational) fear of balloons and appreciate L-A from above at the Great Falls Balloon Festival.


Osprey Abbey: Season 2

Ospreys, the soap opera.


A Place at the Table

Sarah Smiley’s memoir chronicles the unexpected delights of hosting Bangor’s most notable citizens for dinner, fifty-two weeks in a row.