Recipe: The Maine Pinetini

The signature party drink from our Best of Maine party was a huge hit, so we thought we’d share the recipe with you. The drink was created by by Shelby Stevens from Natalie‚Äôs at Camden Harbour Inn. It was our Best of Maine Signature Cocktail pick at the 2014 Maine Restaurant Week.

Here’s how to concoct it at home.

1.5 oz Double Cross Vodka
1 oz of Ginger Liquor
1/4 oz Cardamom Simple Syrup
2.5 oz of Clementine Juice
1 oz of Lime Juice & Zest
Pinch of Ground Cardamom
Pine Foam on Top

To make the cardamom simple syrup, mix two parts sugar with one part water and whole cardamom.

Mix the first six ingredients together and shake with ice then strain into a martini glass. To garnish, top with pine foam.

Pine foam is made by steeping pine needles in water as you would tea. The pine “tea” is then mixed with gelatin and placed in an ISI charger or cream whipper.