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5 Maine-Made THC- and CBD-Infused Beverages

5 Maine-Made THC- and CBD-Infused Beverages

One year after Maine’s first recreational-weed shop opened, liquid formats for CBD and THC are in increasingly high supply.

By Will Grunewald
From our October 2021 issue

Fogtown Brewing Company, in Ellsworth, worked with Shimmerwood Beverages to jump on two bandwagons at once, riding both the spiked-seltzer and the CBD crazes. Shimmer Seltzer, a CBD-infused seltzer comes in raspberry-lime, ginger-orange, and hemp flavors. The CBD is from a cannabis and maple-syrup farm in the town of Denmark.

Cannabis and caffeine go way back together in the Netherlands, so a linkup of pot and coffee pot seemed only a matter of time here. In May, Higher Grounds café opened in the Old Port, and any of its coffee lineup, from locally roasted Speckled Ax beans, can be infused with a CBD tincture. Higher-test products are for customers with medical-marijuana licenses.

LoveGrown, a Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association–certified operation, makes loose-leaf hemp tea. It does not, thankfully, taste like wet rope or bong water — it’s more or less in the family of other earthy herbal teas, and it can be mixed into any other loose-leaf teas, for those who prefer the taste of, say, green or Earl Grey.

A Maine chain with recreational shops in Bath and Rockland, plus medicinal shops around the state, Highbrow was first in Maine to introduce a THC drink, in the form of a mixed-berry juice. Now, its lineup of bottled juices includes lemonade, pink lemonade, blood orange, and pineapple mango.

Shipyard Brewing Co.’s Pumpkinhead Ale has been an autumnal staple of the Maine diet for more than 20 years. Now, owing to a partnership with Scarborough’s Novel Beverage Company, it’s also available in what the company calls “elixir” form, a THC-infused imitation beer. All the same fall spices, none of the alcohol.