Find a Lobster Roll Near Bar Harbor

The ultimate list of places that serve lobster rolls in Maine! Below are five locations for lobster rolls near Bar Harbor. There are plenty more to choose from in our Lobster Roll Finder, including editors’ picks around Maine!

Peekytoe Provisions

244 Main St, Bar Harbor, 207-801-9161

Route 66 Restaurant

21 Cottage St, Bar Harbor, 207-288-3708


Side Street Cafe  ✧ Editors’ Pick ✧

49 Rodick St, Bar Harbor, 207-332-3251

For many, no trip to MDI is complete without a lobster roll from Side Street Cafe, loaded with fresh knuckle, claw, and tail and prepared with your choice of cold mayo or hot butter.

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Testas Restaurant

 53 Main St, Bar Harbor, 207-288-3327

Fish House Grill

1 West St, Bar Harbor, 207-610-4942

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