February 2010


Is Maine Screwing Up its Wine Industry?

Maine’s up-and-coming wineries struggle against a dizzying array of convoluted laws. By: Edgar Allen Beem

The Shakers’ Last Dance

A new book by journalist Jeannine Lauber shows Shaker life as being different from popular perception.

Go for the Gold

Whether you’re training to become an Olympian or just pretending to be one, you’ll find plenty of places in Maine to practice nearly all of the sports on display this month in Vancouver at the XXI Olympic Winter Games.

The Blue Snows of East Boothbay

Andrea Peters paints all the colors of a Maine winter.

Oh, Chute!

Four hundred feet of ice, one toboggan, and four petrified women in costume: a firsthand account of the U.S. National Toboggan Championships.


A Delicious Metamorphosis

Fish Bones in the Bates Mill brings sophisticated seafood and renewed hope to Lewiston. By: Kathleen Fleury. Photography by: Mark Fleming

Wild at Heart

Susan Hand Shetterly’s ode to Maine’s beautiful and endangered landscape. By: Richard Grant

Where in Maine?

Can you identify this snowy harbor? Photography by: Sara Gray

Letters to the Editor

Read what our readers have to say about Maine. Photography by: Sue Anne Hodges

Hiding the Money

Donors to the campaign against gay marriage are suing Maine. By: Colin Woodard

Love in the Time of Cold

One Portlander contemplates courtship during Maine winters. Photography by: Lewis Robinson

Editor’s Note

Let’s embrace winter rather than endure it.

North by East

When owls attack, the secret history of spruce gum, and more.

The Maine Viewpoint

Editorial opinions from across the state.

Space Oddity

For weirdness, Roswell had nothing over Maine in 1962.

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