February 2009


Retiring in Maine: Healthy Spirit

A guide to a happy and healthy retirement in Maine.

House of Solace

A Rockport gallery unlike any other in Maine provides dream fodder even during difficult financial times. By: Joshua F. Moore

Small Dog, Big Show

This pup from Harpswell may weigh less than a bag of flour, but he sure knows how to steal the show at Westminster. By: Cynthia Anderson

The Snowshoe Detective

In each pair of shoes, Bill Mackowski sees a rich culture, a long history, and, in most cases, the face of the person who made it. By: Wayne Curtis

Retiring in Maine: Healthy Mind

A guide to a happy and healthy retirement in Maine.

Retiring in Maine: Healthy Body

A guide to a happy and healthy retirement in Maine.

After the Storm

Portland during a winter storm. By: Agnes Bushell


A strip of sand for ‘Spider-Man’

Do you recognize this Maine location?

Musings from Maine

The editors reflect on our forty-fifth president, the Great Gull Graveyard, GPS, and more.

Battle of the Bait Buckets

How some ice anglers are sabotaging Maine lakes. By: Ted Williams

Letters to the Editor

Where in Maine? What does someone from away get when they marry a Mainer? Terrific memories of visiting Maine. I saw the lobster trap tree in Rockland, the subject of your December “Where in Maine?” photograph, while visiting the area for Thanksgiving 2007. It joins my Rockland memories of

Best in Show

The Editor in Chief reflects on Napoleon’s chances for victory – at Westminster. By: Paul Doiron

Double Runner

Sledding in Hallowell in the 1950s was a family affair. By: Dan Blake

Lost in the Snow

In Lewis Robinson’s first novel a game of paintball goes disastrously wrong. By: Paul Doiron

The Maine Viewpoint

Editorial opinions from across the state.

February Editors’ Picks

Events not to miss this month.

The Big House

Guards at “Shawshank” rolled out the welcome mat around 1910. By: Joshua F. Moore

Perfecting the Pub

A new “publick house” in Newcastle cooks local food for a local crowd. By: Virginia Wright

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