3 Neat Things We Encountered in the Making of Our May Issue


The Digital Maine archive of Maine Fish and Wildlife mag, produced by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife from 1959 to 2011. The magazine often published work by the heroes of this month’s bald eagle comeback story. The cool retro covers alone are worth surfing.


The opening of photographer Ashlyn J. Posiak’s documentary exhibit, Milltown, which chronicles the changing face of Lewiston and coincides with the season’s first Art Walk LA event, a stop along this year’s Great Maine Scavenger Hunt. May 25. 182 Lisbon St., Lewiston.


The mildly dada Daily Post, which offers a photo a day, free of context, taken and uploaded (usually that same day) by Brunswick photog and Bowdoin prof Michael Kolster, whose work you’ll spot in this issue’s house tour.

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