Joe Ricchio

Joe Ricchio

Joe Ricchio is Down East’s food editor.



An egg-and-cheese croissant all too often involves an overdone fried egg and a bland slice of Swiss wedged into a too-chewy pastry. At Portland’s Belleville bakery, the pastry that goes by that name is something else entirely.

Garden Street Bowl

Bowled Over

Strike the crusty nacho cheese, shriveled hot dogs, and skunky beers. A few Maine alleys have a new recipe for success, wowing bowlers with chefy chow and crafty drinks.

Matt Haskell

Juggling Act

Five restaurants, a brewery . . . and an eco-resort in Belize? How Matt Haskell, son of Bangor, started out scrubbing pots and wound up a restaurant mogul.

Highroller Lobster

Is This a Lobster Roll?

“People sometimes get upset that we’d ever do such a thing to a lobster roll,” Highroller Lobster owner Andy Gerry says.