August 1970


Calendar of Events

Vacation Guide

Letters to the Editor

Room With a View

By Arthur W. Wall.

North by East

The Mighty “Roanoke” — Maine’s Largest Square-Rigger

By Richard B. Noble.

The Russells of Kennebago

By John Gould.

Endurance Trail Ride

By E L. Boutilier.

White Water Canoeing

By Fern Stearns.

William Dean Howells at Kittery point

By Herbert Edwards.

The Headlands

A portfolio of color photographs.

The Lesser Yellowlegs

Vinalhaven’s Quarry Concert

By Leo L. Chabot.

Blacksmith Shop Museum

By William C. Heise.

A Wonderfilled Summer Day

By Alice E. Strout.

The Down East Enterprise

Down East Bookshelf

Outdoor Maine

By Gene Letourneau.


By Doc Rockwell.


Cover: “Roanoke,” by William S. Archibald.

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