The Hipster Honchos: Pete and Kim Erskine

Trade, Transportation, and Utilities

By Brian Kevin
Photographed by Mark Fleming

The Trade, Transportation, and Utilities sector is dominated by sales jobs of all kinds — including traveling salesmen, bricks and mortar retailers, and catalogue models. Nearly 40 percent of this category’s 123,087 jobs are in sales.

The first thing a visitor notices about the Newcastle headquarters of Mexicali Blues is that it smells like a Himalayan monastery. The scent comes from a sage-like Indian incense called nag champa, crates of which are stacked alongside bins of Tibetan prayer flags and woven Baja hoodies in the building’s tidy, attached warehouse. A perennial bestseller, nag champa is also a noticeable olfactory presence in all six Mexicali Blues retail locations, and online customers often marvel that the import retailer manages to infuse every package with “that authentic store smell.” In truth, of course, the smell would be difficult to keep out.

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