The Influencer: Severin Beliveau

Professional Services

By Edgar Allen Beem
Photographed by Benjamin Magro

The Professional and Business Services sector — including lobbyists, lawyers, and consultants — accounts for 58,456 jobs, the largest share of which are administrative.

From the window of his fourth floor Augusta office, Severin Beliveau has a bird’s-eye view of the State House, State Office Building, and the Blaine House — the political playing field on which he has operated for close to fifty years, first as a legislator and Democratic Party chair but mostly as Maine’s most powerful lobbyist.

There are roughly the same number of lawyers in Maine as there are full-time lobstermen ( 3,500 ). If Severin Beliveau were a lobsterman, he would be considered a highliner — a highly successful fisherman. As a highly successful legislative attorney, a partner in the Preti, Flaherty, Beliveau & Pachios law firm, he has been called many things, among them “Mr. Democrat,” “Darth Vader,” and “the man behind the curtain.” Pulling strings in Augusta for his clients is what Beliveau does for a living, so it seems fitting that his entry into Maine politics involved his father pulling a few strings for his son back in 1964.

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