April 1998



North By East

Opinions and advisories on Maine’s surprising affinity for the Peace Corps, the search for a great white bird, and a poignant landmark on the Turnpike.

Moosehead’s New Cachet

Offering custom-tailored wilderness experiences along with an array of upscale comforts, the Moosehead Lake area is suddenly attracting well-heeled travelers from Munich to Dallas. By Jeff Clark.

The Bird Man of Machias SeaI Istand

Barna B. Norton is not only a champion of the Atlantic puffin, he also insists the U.S. — not Canada — owns the island the birds have nested on for centuries. By Elizabeth Peavey.

Grand Entrance

The world might have forgotten the man who owned this Bethel house were it not for the lavish murals in his front hall. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

Malne Vacation Bargains

It doesn’t cost all outdoors to eat and sleep well in the Pine Tree State, nor to have a good time. Twenty cases in point. By Andrew Vietze.

Martha’s Maine Calendar

A summer schedule to help one of Mount Desert Island’s newest residents get to know her new neighborhood.

Rockland’s Other Museum

Not far from the renowned Farnsworth  Art Museum is the nation’s foremost collection of lighthouse artifacts. By James P. Brown.

Kayak Klatch

Each July, hundreds of paddlers show up  in Castine to try out the latest boats and learn new techniques at the Atlantic Coast Sea Kayak Symposium. By Andrew Vietze.

Kids Will be Kids

Photographs made 100 years ago capture vignettes of childhood that could be 200 years old. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.

The View from the Top

If you want to learn about Bath from the rooftops down and from the streets up, step along on one of Maine’s best-organized walking tours.

Where in Maine?

This seaside resort community has been filling with ocean lovers every summer for the last century. Can you identify it?

The Secrets of Sunkhaze Meadows

Possibly the least-known federal wildlife refuge in Maine,  it teems with water lilies, beavers, and birds. By Sarah Scott.

Boaters Guide to the Coast

Maine’s most complete list of marinas, yacht clubs, and other marine facilities. Compiled by James P. Brown.

Midsummer on the Mousam

Back when canoe clubs were in fashion, young people didn’t join up just to perfect their paddling, as a vintage group portrait reveals. By Ellen MacDonald Ward.



Room With A View

The Dolphin Marina in Harpswell continues to guard its recipe for fish chowder with the zealousness displayed by the government in withholding its nuclear secrets, and I think for good reasons. By Caskie Stinnett.

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Cover: Lily Bay on Moosehead Lake, by Alan  LaVallee.

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