May 2008



Renaissance Man

In the imagination of artist, yacht designer, and composer Imero Gobbato, Maine merges with myth.

  • By: Virginia Wright

First Maine Spring, Revisited

Richard Grant explores a Maine spring.

  • By: Richard Grant

Thank You, Senator Muskie

Edmund S. Muskie is the recipient of the thirtieth annual Down East Environmental Award.

  • By: Jeff Clark

Richard Russo: On Memory

In this exclusive essay and an excerpt from a new book, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author writes about life, death, and hospice.

  • By: Woodcut Siri Beckman

The Mystery of Moose Point

Exploring Moose Point State Park.

  • By: Andrew Vietze

Where to Eat Now

We all know that Maine is a big state, 33,215 square miles big to be exact. And we all appreciate the range of great food available. The challenge is actually finding it without blowing your wallet on a quest to eat your way across the state. So how do you discover Maine’s hidden culinary hotspots? Our solution: go straight to the source. We queried dozens of Maine’s acknowledged food experts – the chefs, market owners, specialty food purveyors, food writers, and other culinary icons – with a simple question: Where are you yourself eating now?

  • By: Kathleen Fleury

Time and Again

Against all odds, Maine’s “greatest house” celebrates its one hundred and fiftieth birthday this month.

  • By: Jeff Clark


Recognize this picturesque institution?

Since 1813 this school has earned a reputation for academic rigor and free thinking.

  • Photography by: Alan LaVallee

Musings from Maine

Down East’s editors discuss feral felines, a big screen in the North Woods, and more.

Letters to the Editor

Readers respond to Where in Maine and other articles.

Ed Muskie for President!

Editor-in-Chief Paul Doiron presents the 2008 Down East Environmental Award to the late Edmund S. Muskie.

  • By: Paul Doiron

Wild in Woolwich

Merrymeeting Fields Preserve, Oyster Creek Mushrooms, and Slam Poetry are just a few ways to enjoy Maine this month.

Awful Things Happening

Authors Elizabeth Strout and Jason Brown explore fictional Maine communities in their new books.

  • By: Patricia O’Donnell

The Maine Viewpoint

Editorial opinions from across Maine.

Bitter About Litter

Al Diamon picks up trash and learns a lot about Maine culture.

  • By: Al Diamon

Biddeford Surprise

Activities, shops, and eateries in Biddeford.

  • By: Andrew Vietze

Sleeping with the Fishes

Will the Portland Fish Exchange get whacked?

  • By: Jeff Clark

Delicate Balance

Maine’s agricultural purity was at stake for this turn-of-the-century chemist in Orono.

  • By: Joshua F. Moore

Fine Food in Freeport

The Azure Cafe’s eclectic menu satisfies shoppers – and locals – all year long.

  • By: Debra Spark

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