March 2008



A Maine Education

Secret sources of financial aid and why Chinese kids are flocking to Maine private schools.

  • By: Jeff Clark

Testing the Limits

A cliffside house in Harpswell blends into its setting even as it pushes the boundaries of modern Maine design.

  • By: Meadow Rue Merrill

7 Skills Every Mainer Should Have

Here are the seven most essential tasks that every Mainer should be able to do – for safety reasons, to save money, and to get the most out of life here.

  • By: Andrew Vietze

Hearths & Minds

Whatever its design, a fireplace is always the heart of a Maine home.

  • By: Richard Grant

Buried Treasures

Old bottles just may be Maine’s most ubiquitous – and underappreciated – antiques.

  • By: Virginia Wright

Maine’s Unsung Clam

For seafood lovers who are willing to brave a winter beach – and do some digging – there are delicacies to be found that rival Maine’s famous steamers.

  • By: Thomas Urquhart

The Tulip Treatment

In the fight against breast cancer in Maine, one woman proves that flowers can foster hope – and raise money – one pink tulip at a time.

  • By: Aurelia C. Scott


Recognize this Snowy Scene in Southern Maine?

The rest of the town may bustle, yet time all but stops here…

  • Photography by: Kevin Shields

Musings from Maine

Down East’s editors discuss how to bring feng shui to the mudroom, heated town meetings, a saved Maine masterpiece, and more.

Instant Homes

Maine leads the country in modular homebuilding.

  • By: Joshua F. Moore

Letters to the Editor

Readers respond to Where in Maine and other articles.

Editor’s Note

Paul Doiron contemplates the business behind Burt’s Bees.

  • By: Paul Doiron

The Maine Viewpoint

Editorial opinions from across Maine.

Ice Walk

What does it mean to spend an entire life in one place?

  • By: Elizabeth Tibbetts

Urban White Water

Paddling season came early to Auburn back in 1936.

  • By: Joshua F. Moore

St. Paddy’s in Portland

A night of Irish storytelling and some salty chips are featured in our monthly guide to enjoying life in the Pine Tree State.

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