March 2003



Champion of the Hamadan

Tad Runge showcases a type of oriental rug long dismissed as inferior. Location: Yarmouth

  • By: Rebecca Martin Evarts
  • Photography by: Amazeen

The Missing Lynx

Once thought to be interlopers from Quebec, the Canada lynx is now known to be thriving in the Maine North Woods, even in heavily cut-over sections. Location: 

  • By: Phyllis Austin
  • Photography by: Len Rue Jr

Maine Sources,Recognizing Heirloom Masterpieces

Antique quilts and their restoration. Location: York

  • By: Christine Parrish
  • Photography by: Randy Ury


The Longfellow family presides over a huge complex of greenhouses. Location: Manchester

  • By: Edgar Allen Beem
  • Photography by: Kevin Shields

Home At Last on Little Deer Isle

The McWilliams family incorporated ideas from all over the world when they built their dream home on Little Deer Isle. Location: Little Deer IsleChickadee Cove

  • By: James Schwartz
  • Photography by: Brian Vanden Brink


  • Photography by: Brian Vanden Brink

Maine Sources,Vessels of the Finestkind

Jamie Oates work is set apart by his virtuosity with glazes and ceramic design. Location: Belfast

  • By: Virginia Wright
  • Photography by: Amazeen

Maine Sources,Sculpture or Furniture?

Master furniture maker, Lee Schuette likes to blend the historical design and detail with a modern flair. Location: Kittery Point

  • By: Meadow Rue Merrill
  • Photography by: Amazeen


New Man in Rockland

.Rockland’s new harbormaster. Location: Rockland

  • By: Ken Textor

Hinckley Consolidates

Hinckley Company, boatbuilders is expanding their operation in Maine. Location: Southwest HarborTrenton

  • By: Ken Textor

Speedy Justice

Paying your traffic fines on line.

Stone Age

The discards from century old granite works are being recycled into new countertops and other home building items. Location: FranklinDeer IsleJonesboro

Boat People

Portland , as well as other communities with harbors, is passing legislation limiting the docking of houseboats. Location: Portland

Where Are They Now?

An update on the whereabouts of some of Maine’s former governors.

Getting Sappy

A list of statistics on Maine maple trees and syrup.

Books to Go

A program to stock doctor’s offices and hospitals with a variety of children’s books to be given out at patient visits.

  • Photography by: Michael Ricci

Riding the Rails

Soon Portland won’t be the end of the line for Maine’s commuter rail network. Location: Auburn

  • Photography by: Kevin Shields

Changing of the Guard

Humorous comparison of the styles and preferences of our present and last governors.

Bad Odor

In several campaign races last November, the unprecedented barrage of attack ads seemed to backfire.

  • By: Jeff Clark

Save a Spot

Reader’s comments on the January 2003 issue regarding Maine in Ten Years.


Coyote Outrage

Reader’s comments concerning Maine’s coyote snaring program.

  • By: Don Loprieno

Schoodic Specifics

Park planner, John Kelly , gives corrected information on the changes occurring at the former Schoodic Naval Base . Location: Winter HarborGouldsboro

  • By: John Kelly

Let It Snow

.A guide for snowshoers, skiers, and snowbirds of all kinds.

  • Photography by: Kevin Shields

Briefly Noted

.Brief reviews of three new books. Location: Stonington, Java Joe’sPortland Public Market Smiling Hill Farm

  • By: Paul Doiron

All Politics is Local

Bowdoin Professor and Pollster, Christian Potholm explains how the political game is played in Maine.

  • By: Jim Brunelle

Wells Radiaton Center

The decision to build health care facilities should not be determined by politics . York Independent article. Location: WellsYork County

ATV Troubles

Damaged roads and property from irresponsible ATV riders is causing much ado in parts of Maine. Biddeford Journal Tribune article.

Health Care Savings

Maine’s political leaders have quite a challenge ahead in providing a better health coverage system. Bangor Daily News article.

Organic Gardening 101

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association offers a number of educational courses throughout the year. Location: Unity

  • By: Andrew Vietze

Personable Pathfinders

A group of like-minded folks in Lubec gets together once a week to walk and hike the many trails available in the area. Location: Lubec

  • By: Andrew Vietze

Public Secrecy

Maine’s Freedom of Access Act gives all citizens the right to view all government documents unless specifically prohibited. Brunswick Times Record article

Unexpected Company

Author’s humorous recollections about meeting numerous Maine natives on a trip around the world. Location: 

  • By: Shelley E. Dunn

Local 188, Portland

A delightful restaurant in Longfellow Square is also an interesting art gallery. Location: Portland

  • By: Andrew Vietze
  • Photography by: Kevin Shields

March Highlights

Concerts, Plays, maple sugaring ,and a big spring flower show top this month’s schedule. Location: 

York Harbor Confection

Vintage photo of the stately manse formerly occupied by a physician in York Harbor. Location: York Harbor

  • By: Ellen MacDonald Ward

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