January 2008



Personal Best: Connection to Maine

Down East’s copy editor reflects on becoming a Maine dad.

Personal Best: Short Hike

A mother tackles Mount Cutler and discovers more than a great hike.

  • By: Cynthia Anderson

Pesonal Best: Scallop Stew

The scallop stew in Stonington had a healing power over one Maine writer.

  • By: Virginia Wright

Personal Best: Place to Listen to a Red Sox Game

Pierce Pond turned out to be the perfect place to catch the Sox game on the radio.

  • By: Kristen Lindquist

Personal Best: Stock Car Race

Down East contributing editor Rob Sneddon reflects on racing in Maine.

  • By: Rob Sneddon

Personal Best: Place to Become a Regular

The perfect Saturday morning spot turned out to be just three blocks away.

  • By: Michaela Cavallaro

Personal Best: Diary

The writings of Ralph Richards reveal the inner dramas in Lincolnville around the turn of the century.

  • By: Elizabeth Hand

Best of Maine

Down East editors’ picks for the best people and places in the Pine Tree State.

Personal Best: Place to Be Photographed in the Nude

Swimming suit-less in Sargent Pond can be liberating, as one writer discovered.

  • By: Edgar Allen Beem

Personal Best: Shopping Surprise

The bounty of Marden’s took the shape of a leather jacket.

  • By: Scott Sutherland


Where in Maine?

Recognize this lighthouse that has served as inspiration for artists and writers?

  • Photography by: Kevin Shields

Musings from Maine

Down East’s editors consider the battle over what really is Maine’s friendliest town, Christmas at the Blaine House, and a report that ranks the Pine Tree State first in safety, among other things.

Paul Doiron

Our first-ever “Best of Maine” issue is an opportunity to reflect on the many reasons we choose to live in Maine.

  • By: Paul Doiron

The Maine Viewpoint

Editorial opinions from across Maine.

My Paperboy

Delivering the news was my husband’s first job and might be his last.

  • By: Leslie Woods

Letters to the Editor

Readers respond to our article about getting into college, our mystery photograph, and other articles.

Blood Red Carpet

A Bangor movie premiere foreshadowed dark times for two celebs in 1984.

  • By: Joshua F. Moore

Inside Maine

Your monthly guide to enjoying life in the Pine Tree State.

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