Where to Find Enchanting Forest Preserves on the Maine Coast

Plus, download Maine Coast Heritage Trust's take-along nature guide to learn more about Maine's flora and fauna.

family sitting on a bench in one of Maine Coast Heritage Trust's preserves
Photo by Chris Bennett

Maine Coast Heritage Trust is a nonprofit land-conservation organization protecting and caring for vital lands on the coast of Maine, including forested areas, which can contribute to slowing the effects of climate change. “It’s well understood that trees pull carbon dioxide out of the air,” says former MCHT midcoast project manager Dan Hohl, who recently joined the New England Forestry Foundation as a climate-smart commodities program forester. “It’s part of the process of photosynthesis. They take in carbon dioxide, and they utilize that to grow. The healthier your forests, the more trees that are growing, the more carbon dioxide is being taken up.”

Forests can help mitigate the impact of climate change on humans, by protecting against hotter, drier conditions in simple ways, like providing shade. Healthy forests will also continue to help provide clean drinking water by preventing the erosion of sediment into waterways. “We don’t know how climate change is going to impact everything,” Hohl says. “And we don’t know what the pace of that change is going to be. But we know it’s happening. By protecting these areas, we’re giving our forests a chance to exist in the future.”

Here are a few of our favorite MCHT forest preserves.

Woodward Point, Brunswick, Maine
Photo by Jerry Monkman

Woodward Point, Brunswick

This 87.5-acre preserve includes a 1.5-mile network of trails that lead across open fields and through forest to the water’s edge.

Bog Brook Cove, Cutler and Trescott, Maine
Photo by Melissa Lee

Bog Brook Cove,
Cutler and Trescott

Bog Brook Cove has gravel and cobble beaches, spruce-fir forests, breathtaking views of the Bold Coast, and 5.5 miles of trails, including a universally accessible trail.

Witherle Woods, Castine, Maine
Photo courtesy of Maine Coast Heritage Trust

Witherle Woods,

Witherle Woods offers pleasant views of Penobscot Bay, via more than 6.5 miles of trails that gradually wind through the changing forests of this coastal preserve.

Babson Creek, Somesville, Maine
Photo by Misha Mytar

Babson Creek, Somesville

This 36-acre preserve features meadows and a salt marsh lined by a predominantly spruce-fir forest.

Maine Coast Heritage Trust Take-Along Forest Guide

Download a free take-along forest guide chock-full of information about the plants and animals found in Maine’s coastal forests!