Where in Maine?

Where in Maine
Photographed by Darylann Leonard.

Can you name this village?

[dropcap letter=”M”]aine’s number-one visitor attraction lies just a few miles from this rugged fishing village, but it’s so quiet, you’d never know it — certainly not in December. For reasons that elude us, only the smallest fraction of the 3 million annual visitors who swarm the area ever make it to this spot, even in summer. All for the good, as far as we’re selfishly concerned, because that means we’re certain to find a table at the lobster pound whose dining room stretches along a dock over the working harbor. It’s closed now, of course. Even the harbor itself — one of the state’s top 15 lobstering ports — is hushed, as most lobstermen have pulled their traps and boats for repair and maintenance. One of five villages in a sprawling island town, this little community takes its name from a mid-18th-century governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay whose repressive policies helped fuel the American Revolution. After the war, most of his land was confiscated by the new government, but some of his Maine holdings, including the area around this community, went to his son, a loyal American who lived nearby.

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