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Northern Maine Brewing Co

Photograph by Benjamin Williamson

Northern Lite

Northern Maine Brewing Co.
22 Main St., Caribou, 207-492-2185

Why we dig it

At 3.2-percent ABV, Northern Lite is even less inebriating than a standard light lager, and only a touch boozier than beach-body brands like Bud Select. When Northern Maine Brewing Co. owner Joseph Gervais opened Aroostook County’s only brewery, he wanted to offer a draught that would entice patrons accustomed to Miller Lite, but without compromising the locally grown malted barley with add-ins like corn and rice that up clarity and cut calories in big-brand beers. Unlike those pallid potables, Northern Lite has an alluringly hazy amber complexion and a fortifyingly grainy, earthy flavor — a refreshing bridge between micro and macro brewing styles.


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