Maine News You May Have Missed

A sweet deal awaits an Eliot home buyer, pigs eat school lunches, and more.


Real-estate agent Erinn Stearns sweetened the pot for potential owners of a four-bed, four-bath home listed at $529,990. For any family of four that moves, she promised to pick up the tab on weekly trips to an ice-cream shop for a year.


The state legislature passed a bill to clarify that schools are indeed allowed to donate cafeteria leftovers to local hog farmers for slop. The measure is meant to reduce food waste, cut trash-removal costs, and support farms. Here’s to pigging out.


Stephen and Tabitha King announced plans to open up their longtime Bangor property as an archive and writers’ retreat. Selected researchers and writers will get to pass through the wrought-iron gates, adorned with bats and spider webs.


Shortly after celebrating its 25th anniversary, Coffee by Design was named 2020 Macro Roaster of the Year by Roast Magazine. The family-owned business produces 650,000 pounds of beans annually and runs four cafés in Portland and one in Freeport.

Presque Isle

Reliable public transportation rolled into town, with a new PI Loop bus running daily, covering 16 stops that include the local UMaine campus, the community center, and the Walmart. A one-way fare costs $1.75.


A $19.6 million federal grant will pay for a several-hundred-foot breakwater, mooring field, and floating docks to protect fishermen when they take skiffs to and from their fishing boats in stormy weather.