Maine’s Record-Breaking Giants

Maine's Record-Breaking Trees

Maine's Record-Breaking Trees

[columns_row width=”fourth”] [column]American Chestnut
Height: 115 ft.
Girth: 50 in.
Crown Spread: 38 ft.[/column] [column]Bigtooth Aspen
Height: 93 ft.
Girth: 169 in.
Crown Spread: 51 ft.[/column] [column]Yellow Birch
Height: 82 ft.
Girth: 242 in.
Crown Spread: 74 ft.[/column] [column]Juniper
Height: 16 ft.
Girth: 19 in.
Crown Spread:
13 ft.[/column] [/columns_row] [S]tate foresters and members of the American Chestnut Foundation are excited about a recent find in the Lovell woods: the tallest American chestnut tree in North America. That brings to four the number of national record-holding trees in Maine. Tall though it is, the Lovell chestnut won’t join the others in the American Forests Champion Trees national register, which awards slots based on points given for girth and crown spread as well as height. A shorter but stouter tree in Oregon retains the title of chestnut champ.

Illustration by Christine Mitchell Adams

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