Nature Conservancy and The St. John River
Twenty years ago, a motley band of guides, foresters, and conservationists put in on northern Maine’s remote upper St. John River to sketch out an audacious conservation plan. This summer, they returned to take stock.
Audubon taught me about the splendors of this continent’s wildness and about the human savagery often pitted against it.
The Clam Digger
Labor and tradition endure on a low-tide landscape that few ever glimpse.
Umbagog Lake, Magalloway
Noah Gray-Cabey was a toddler when his parents moved from suburban Chicago to Maine, his mom’s home state, settling in the woods of Newry, a spot he (fondly) describes as “literally the middle of nowhere.”
Maine bald eagles
The resurgence of Maine’s bald eagle population is one of the state’s most impressive ecological comeback stories. Ron Joseph remembers the big personalities and unorthodox methods that made it work.