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Coplin Plantation

Bonnie Holding won the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife’s annual Legendary Maine Guide Award, in part for her work with a group that hosts fly-fishing retreats for women with breast cancer. She’s the first woman to win the award.

Van Buren

The old soda fountain didn’t survive a fire in the Hebert Rexall’s former building, but firefighters and volunteers helped retrieve historical pharmacy records from the basement, dating back as far as 1903.


Town officials crafted an emergency ordinance to block the opening of an “adult novelty shop” on Route 1. “We’re looking for businesses that are more towards the tourist, family-friendly side,” town manager Jonathan Carter said.


On a $49 tab, a customer at Silver Street Tavern left a $2,000 tip, more than what is customary. The staff of 14 split the gratuity evenly.


In one of the state’s last dry towns, residents succumbed to the temptation of revenue, voting to allow local establishments to serve alcohol, except on Sundays.


The estate of Captain William Bullard, a Navy veteran and master mariner, bequeathed $10 million to his alma mater, Maine Maritime Academy. It’s the largest gift in the school’s history.