Watch: Portland Potter Ayumi Horie Explains Her “Quirky Line of Work” on PBS

While LA’s Craft in America Center shows off her ramen bowls.

Ramen bowl by Ayumi Horie
Courtesy of Ayumi Horie
By Adrienne Perron
From our March 2023 issue

Portland-based potter Ayumi Horie, who won the Maine Craft Association’s 2022 Maine Craft Artist Award, is getting national attention now too. The PBS documentary series Craft in America recently devoted a segment to the 53-year-old ceramicist, who discussed her mission to “broaden the audience for handmade pots” and demonstrated her signature “dry throwing” technique. She also pressed a few of the playful ramen bowls now on display at the Craft in America Center, in Los Angeles, for an exhibit in conjunction with the episode. “They felt like appropriate forms for LA, given what a foodie city it is,” Horie told us. The exhibit closes March 11, but you can stream Horie’s episode below.