January 2011


Maine in Your Words

“Define the essence of Maine in a sentence? Sorry, Down Easters. Can’t be done. The state of Maine is at least worthy of a thesaurus and half a Webster’s 1828 dictionary. Would you ask Renoir to paint a portrait using only five brushstrokes or Beethoven to compose a symphony with only a handful of chords? Impossible!”


The places of “Maine in Your Words.”


The people of “Maine in Your Words.”


The values of “Maine in Your Words.”


  • By: Edgar Allen Beem

Back from the Brink

Rumors of the Maine paper industry’s demise are exaggerated.

  • By: Cynthia Anderson


Where in Maine?

Can you identify this distinctive old light?

Maine Vows

24 reasons to marry in Maine

  • By: Meadow Rue Merrill

Letters to the Editor

Read what our readers have to say about Maine.

Red State, Blue State

Conservatives took over Maine during the midterm election. Or did they?

  • By: Colin Woodard

Breakfast at Jen’s

A small, new eatery in Brunswick offers the best morning meal in town.

  • By: Maria Padian

Editor’s Note

Where one finds the “real Maine.”

  • By: Paul Doiron

Mythical Moose

Computer trickery has helped blur the line between the Maine myth and reality.

  • By: Joshua F. Moore

North by East

Winning foursquare has new meaning, a new approach to knitting, and more.

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