Big Picture

A creative couple brings the outdoors into their Portland bedroom. 

Photographs by Chanel Lewis

Rachel Gloria Adams and Ryan Adams You might think two artists would have no trouble filling their walls. But when it came to their Portland bedroom, painters Ryan Adams and Rachel Gloria Adams were stumped. “We didn’t want our room to have anything we did because we would go to bed critiquing it,” Rachel says. “Even if it was something by another artist, it wouldn’t be peaceful.” They lived with a largely blank slate for a year before inspiration struck. “I realized I work at a place [Portland commercial-product manufacturer Designtex] that has wallpaper!” she says with a laugh. The couple pondered prints that would complement their existing deep-jade wall color and thought, “what if every night it was like we were camping?”

Through her company, Rachel enlarged a stock image of a forest she purchased online and printed it on three wall-height, self-adhesive panels that form a massive dreamscape behind their bed. “It creates an environment,” Ryan says. “A large painting can do that to a degree, but a floor-to-ceiling experience really changes the space.”

The Adamses’ woodsy view hits on a décor trend that began in the 18th century and has been revived in recent years. Wallpaper murals, which originated with hand-painted Chinese and French designs, are currently available in thousands of styles online. Some companies, such as Limitlesswalls .com, also allow you to turn a photo into a custom wallcovering, like Rachel did.

With a toddler, and a baby on the way, she sees new opportunity in her sylvan space. “Their first camping trip can be in our bedroom.”


These supersize designs deliver style by the square foot or panel.


Lapping Shore mural, from $3.25/square foot.

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DIY mural wall


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