From Bissell Brothers, a New and Improved H20

The brewery's hop-infused water is a far cry from an IPA, but its piney, citrusy flavor profile sure is refreshing.

Bissell Bubbles, hop water from Bissell Brothers
Photo by Nicole Wolf
By Will Grunewald
From our May 2024 issue

At breweries, house-made seltzers, both alcoholic and non, seem as ubiquitous as beer these days. They’re fizzy and almost always taste fruity, although some have actually started to taste a bit like beer. Hop-infused varieties have been cropping up at a smattering of breweries across the country, and it stood to reason that Bissell Brothers — which built its reputation on the skillful application of hops in hazy IPAs — would be an early adopter in Maine. Bissell’s hop water is a far cry from an IPA. For starters, there’s zero alcohol. And in the absence of any counter-vailing maltiness, a heavy dose of hops would be mighty disagreeable. Consequently, the first sip might read a smidge bland, like some distant memory of beer (if you’ve ever poured water in a glass you just drank beer out of, you’ll have a rough idea). But after a few sips, once the palate has adjusted, the gently piney, citrusy flavor profile becomes downright pleasant — easy to imagine enjoying on a hike or a paddle or a long drive. Plus, 5 percent of can sales benefit the Sebago Clean Waters coalition, helping keep Bissell’s water source pristine. That’s refreshing too. 

Bissell Bubbles hop water is available at retailers throughout Maine and at Bissell Brothers taprooms in Portland and Milo.

May 2024, Down East Magazine

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