50 Reasons We Love Portland: Reason No. 18: Lauren Wayne brought back the State

By reopening the State Theatre, Lauren Wayne brought Portland’s music scene full circle.

By Michaela Cavallaro
Photographed by Nathan Eldridge

Two notable things happen when you mention in Greater Portland that you’re writing about Lauren Wayne. The first: People generally recognize her name, which is somewhat remarkable given that her job — running the renovated State Theatre — is an entirely behind-the-scenes position. Which leads to the second: Friends and colleagues immediately ask you to ask her to book their favorite bands. And they’re not alone. “I lobby Lauren all the time,” says Sam Pfeifle, a music journalist, bluegrass musician, and co-founder of the Portland Music Foundation, which aims to nurture and promote the music industry in town. “I definitely notice when tours are announced. If there’s a gap where a Portland show might go, I’ll drop her a note. And she’s always open to any information that will help her put on a successful show.”

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