Down East Dispatches

Down East Dispatches Feb 2018

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine

Down East Dispatches Feb 20181. Eustis

Local hunter Justin Wyman steered his boat through ice on Flagstaff Lake to rescue a trapped six-point buck. Game warden Scott Stevens lassoed the deer from the boat to guide it back to shore, where it slowly got over the shock and then ran away.

“The ice was pretty thick. . . But we pretty much broke our way through with axes and two-by-fours and stuff like that.”

— Justin Wyman, talking to the Bangor Daily News about rescuing a deer that fell through the ice on Flagstaff Lake.

2. Westbrook

The city council approved the purchase of digital security cameras for the local library after a spate of, um, amorous behavior around the building. Numerous couples scrambled to make new Valentine’s Day plans.

3. Bangor

A woman called the police after she thought she heard an intruder in her basement, only to discover that the thumping she’d heard was a roll of duct tape toppling off a shelf and bouncing down the stairs.

4. Calais

The Calais School Department unveiled a long overdue new website, designed by 9th-grader Shane DelMonaco for a class project. Officials in the town’s school system liked the new site so much, they hired DelMonaco to maintain it.

5. South Portland

While school bus driver Jamie Creamer received chemotherapy at a nearby hospital, the South Portland High School marching band showed up outside his window to play a few tunes, and a caravan of 20 school buses honked their horns in support.

6. Lewiston

On an episode of Jeopardy, this Bates College history prof finished a respectable second, struggling through a poetry category but happily avoiding any history-related faux pas. Hmm, who is Ian Shin? Correct!

7. Houlton

Police took to calling a man who stole packages off doorsteps before the holidays “the Grinch” — an apt nickname, because the thief’s heart eventually grew three sizes: he turned himself in and gave everything back.