50 Reasons We Love Portland

[P]ortland has been discovered. In recent years the national media has lavished it with superlatives: “America’s Most Livable City” (Forbes), “The Top City for Creative People” (Kiplingers). On the streets, there’s a new vibrancy, a faster pace. And everyone raves about the food. At the same time, the city retains its unique Maine-ness — you feel an intimate connection between the people and the landscape, a sense of both history and community. Somehow Portland feels both big and small. If we had to choose only one reason to love the city, that would be it. Fortunately, we don’t. And while there aren’t enough magazine pages in the world to list all the reasons we love Portland, here are fifty examples of why we’re proud to call it Maine’s own.

Edited by Will Bleakley


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