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Bag of coffee beans

Photographed by Benjamin Williamson.


44 North Coffee
11 Church St., Deer Isle

Why We Dig It

If there’s a more versatile potable out there, we’d be mighty surprised. Cascara’s mild plummy flavor works well infused in beer, mixed into cocktails (the roasters at 44 North suggest hot toddies), or simply served cold and topped with seltzer. And all that from what’s otherwise a waste product — the dried husk of the cherry-like fruit that coffee beans come from. The simplest way to enjoy: steep a couple of spoonfuls in hot water, just as with loose-leaf tea, for a soothing, fruity sipper with a light, citrusy bite and a nice caffeine bump to boot. Or just stick your nose in a bag of the stuff and inhale; it’s like drowning in dried figs.

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  • March 13, 2017

    Michael Rossney

    We serve a 44 North Cascara Agua Fresca at our Taqueria, EL EL FRIJOLES in Sargentville. We make a cold-steeped batch of cascara, add some sugar and squeeze in fresh lime juice. It is as delicious as it is popular, and makes a super-quenching summer drink.