Where in Maine?

Photographed by Seth Gaffar

Can you identify this peak?

Pink-tinged clouds settle in a forested bowl rimmed by the mountains of western Maine. The hiker would have had to rouse himself very early to catch the rising sun from up here: three trails ascend the mountain he’s standing on, the shortest a steep and strenuous 1.5 miles, the longest nearly 3 miles. Or perhaps he camped by the tarn just below the summit, as backpackers have been known to do. Once the clouds lift, he’ll spot a lake that’s the jewel of a nearby state park, as well as hundreds of miles of unbroken forest undulating to the horizon. Later in the day, a herd of people will gather around the tarn, which may come as a surprise to first-time explorers given the sleepy countryside below, but the mountain is one of Maine’s most popular hiking destinations. Its Seussian name describes the rugged terrain, which includes three peaks and a 700-foot granite cliff that’s prone to rock slides. Even more whimsical is the name of an obstacle near the end of that steepest trail. There’s no way to go but through it, and for some, it’s a tight squeeze.

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