Where in Maine

Friendship, Maine
Harry Lichtman

Can you name this harbor town?

[dropcap letter=”A”]n ingenious sailing vessel was born in this harbor in the late 19th century. It was built for lobstering, and its keel and the position of its sails allowed a solo sailor to heave to and stop the boat long enough to haul and re-bait traps. Prized today by recreational sailors, the vintage sloop style bears this town’s name; occasionally, one sails in during an annual rendezvous in a neighboring town. The style of gear on these wharves has changed since those boats were first launched, but the community remains a fishing town. At the tip of a 12-mile peninsula, it offers little for tourists — a couple of B&Bs, a small grocery. Not long ago, fear of losing the latter prompted residents to loosen their 99-year ban on alcohol sales. Today, the store sells beer and wine, but the town is otherwise dry — a prohibition that some locals suggest has less to do with temperance than with keeping at bay tourist-oriented businesses (and, by extension, tourists).

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