Our Favorite Letter

Where in Maine November 2017
Photograph by Susan Cole Kelly

Where in Maine?
November 2016

Each month, Down East editors select our favorite response to “Where in Maine?” Here is our favorite letter from the November photo of Deering Oaks park in Portland.

The arched bridge you depict is located in Deering Oaks in Portland. For many years, my brother, sisters, cousins, neighborhood friends, and I all crossed this bridge on our way home from Sacred Heart Grammar School. I’m a graduate of the class of 1960 and crossed that bridge for eight years prior. In those days, Catholic school kids had no bus transportation, so we all walked home through the Oaks and through the fields that are now the University of Southern Maine. There were times when we had choir practice and had to walk home in the dark. Before crossing the bridge, we all gathered at the southern end and ran across like our pants were on fire, in fear of a monster coming out from beneath the north end and grabbing one of us. We all survived.

Robert J. Crowley
Sayville, New York

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