Our Favorite Letter

January 2017's Where in Maine?

Bridgton, Maine
Bridgton, Maine Photo by Stephen Beckwith

Pondicherry Park, Bridgton

Each month, Down East editors select our favorite response to “Where in Maine?” Here is our favorite letter from January’s photo of Pondicherry Park.

The handsome bridge photographed in the January issue is located in the charming town of Bridgton. The design is unique and was lovingly built by local craftsmen as a tribute to Bob Dunning, who left his environmental imprint on the area. It is a gateway to Pondicherry Park, a natural haven in the center of town. I have a second home in Bridgton and spend many moments and hours in the park — always using the Dunning gateway. There are stopping points by rocks illustrating children’s stories. Each visit, I pass reflective moments, admiring the originality and beauty of the bridge. I am lost in nature right off Main Street, just steps from Renys and the Magic Lantern Movie Theater. — Doris H. Field, New York City, New York

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