4 Spots for a Great Locally Churned Scoop

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4 Spots for a Great Locally Churned Scoop

~ By Caroline Praderio ~

Catbird Creamery

Tamari Caramel? Molasses and Sweet Corn? Mix Catbird’s ingenious flavors into a monster sundae (with house-made whipped cream and seasonal fruit sauce) for a 20-minute sugar rush, followed by a three-hour nap. 861 Main St., Westbrook. 207-854-0500.

Gorgeous Gelato

Pistachios from Sicily and hazelnuts from Piedmont are among the superlative ingredients used to make Maine’s silkiest, most intensely flavorful gelato. 434 Fore St., Portland. 207-699-4309.

John’s Ice Cream Factory

A small stand that does old-school, hand-churned ice cream right, with high-quality ingredients — like honey, berries, and figs — sourced close to home. 510 Belfast Augusta Rd., Liberty. 207-589-3700.

Mount Desert Island Ice Cream

It takes one bite of the insanely rich Maine sea salt caramel ice cream to win you over forever, but don’t overlook sorbet flavors like grapefruit tarragon and cantaloupe on sweltering summer afternoons. 7 Firefly Ln. and 325 Main St., Bar Harbor. 207-801-4006. 52 Exchange St., Portland. 207-210-3432.