December 2018

Camden Harbor Maine

Our Favorite Letter

Each month, Down East editors select our favorite response to “Where in Maine?” Here is our favorite letter from December’s photo of Camden Harbor.

Christmas 1968

The story of Victor Stanley’s childhood reads like the beginning of a Steinbeck novel, but it’s all true.

Lubec, Maine

A Town in Between

The easternmost village on the U.S. Atlantic coast charts a course through tradition and change, natives and newcomers, nature’s beauty and nature’s fury.

Slick Operation

Slick Operation

The Maine Department of Transportation is responsible for snow removal on just 18 percent of roads in the state — county and local governments handle most of the rest — but their salting stats are mind-melting.

Whoa Tannenbaum!

Whoa Tannenbaum!

Taking over a long-running Christmas tree farm is a daunting affair, but as a generation of Maine’s tree farmers ages out, new growers like Sangerville’s Abbey Bray are stepping in to make the fir fly.