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Maine Juice Co

Photograph by Benjamin Williamson


Maine Juice Co.
855-584-2999;129 Spring St., Portland

Why we dig it

Paradise is simply pineapple, ginger, and beets. Or at least those are the three ingredients in Paradise, a refreshing, intensely magenta Maine Juice Co. libation. Owners Tim and Michelle Nickerson cold-press their juices (using a hydraulic press rather than a blender-like juicer) and they don’t pasteurize, both to protect fresh-fruit flavor and to preserve nutrients. They started in Biddeford’s Pepperell Mill last year, selling the short-shelf-life juices online and at farmers’ markets. In September, they’re opening a store in Portland’s West End, and they’re working with Banded Horn Brewing on an orange juice–raspberry wheat beer, which we expect to taste downright paradisial.

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