Swig of the Month


Swig of the Month

Blueberry Dream

Green Bee
Brunswick, 800-494-0802.

Why we dig it

To make Blueberry Dream soda taste like blueberries, Green Bee owner Chris Kinkade uses, well, real blueberries, eschewing the concentrates and vague “natural flavorings” in big-brand bevs. The berries come from lowbush barrens in Maine, and Kinkade crushes them into juice with a secondhand Italian wine press. “It doesn’t get more pure than that,” he says. To keep up with demand — for sodas and a new line of unsweetened sparkling waters — Kinkade is increasing capacity four- or fivefold. Presently, his drinks are sold at specialty grocers around the state, plus at a whole range of restaurants, from Red’s Eats to Eventide — and bartenders have found that they work great in cocktails.

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