Scenic 60: Kennebunkport to Park Loop Road


11. Kennebunkport

The longtime summer home of President George H.W. Bush is also the favorite coastal retreat of thousands of visitors, who come for the picturesque village, sandy beaches, historic inns, lobster shacks, and elegant restaurants.
Photo: Trent Bell

12. Grafton Notch

From the pastoral Bear River Valley in Newry, Route 26 climbs a steep narrow pass through the Mahoosuc Range, a 20-mile corridor of geological drama —cliffs, waterfalls, and gorges.
Photo: Mark Fleming

13. Lakes Region

Scores of lakes and ponds, like Keoka Lake (above) are tucked among the hills of southwestern Maine. Their names are not as recognizable as Sebago, but for generations of camp owners, they are just as grand.
Photo: Darylann Leonard

14. Katahdin

Mountain of mythology and mystique, Katahdin beckons, yet makes no accommodation for those who covet its summit. Its nearly vertical slopes are strewn with boulders, and the weather can change from fair to stormy in minutes.
Photo: Susan Cole Kelly

15. Boothbay Harbor
Sure, the town has a touristy vibe, but there’s no denying the romantic allure of the boats in the harbor and the fragile-looking piers.
Photo: Darylann Leionard
16. Monhegan

Among thousands of coastal islands, Monhegan possesses a singular aura. In summer, scores of painters perched on bluffs and shore try to capture that mysterious charm.
Photo: Mark Dawson

17. Five Islands

A chain of bridges and river crossings leads to the island town of Georgetown and the village of Five Islands, where views that couldn’t get any better actually do. The wharf looks out on lobsterboats, yachts, and the village’s namesakes.
Photo: Pat and Chuck Blackley

18. Cape Neddick

Beaches to the south and north enjoy views of York’s Cape Neddick, whose rugged tip — the Nubble — is crowned with a lighthouse. Cape Neddick Light has been guiding ships safely around its rocky shore for 135 years.
Photo: Benjamin Williamson

19. Aroostook Country

Maine’s harsh beauty gives way to a gentler landscape in The County. Cleared of trees and planted with crops, the terrain, traversed here by the Aroostook River, seems to roll on forever.
Photo: Paul Cyr

20. Park Loop Road

Acadia National Park’s main attraction is one jaw-dropping sight after another. Among them, Monument Cove, whose rock tower appears to defy gravity.
Photo: Mark Fleming

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