Can You Name This Maine Mystery Spot?

This month's Where in Maine hosts ice-boaters in the winter.

Where in Maine, January 2020
Photographed by Benjamin Williamson.

In 1864, a young woman plummeted to her death from a cliff above this lake. The details of the incident are murky. According to an engraved marker at the site, Elenora French was a 12-year-old who fell reaching for her hat after the wind blew it off her head. Other accounts have her older and betrothed, leaping from the ledge to escape her impending wedding. On summer nights, today’s paddlers and camp owners regularly hear haunting cries on the water — they’re not ghosts, though, just the many loons that nest along the shores. Come winter, the camps sit empty, and the frozen lake often hosts ice boaters. After a day on the “water,” they may grab dinner in the adjacent harbor town, which shared the lake’s name when it was first settled in the late 18th century.

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