Where in Maine? Our Favorite Answer

Photograph by Benjamin Williamson

Pemaquid Point

Each month, Down East editors select our favorite response to “Where in Maine?” Here is our favorite letter from November’s photo.

Ever since I was old enough to walk, I have been scrambling over the rocks at Pemaquid Point. This particular strip of granite was always my favorite, as I would pretend to face certain doom on either side if I placed a foot wrong while springing along its length. As a teen, I would sit in the lee of this formation having a cheeky cigarette. I have spent hours there, gazing seaward in contemplative serenity. It was on this rock, one August evening in 1994, where I committed to memory the words I spoke the following day, when I married my incredible wife, Natalie. We recently celebrated 27 years of marriage and, for the second time, Natalie’s victory over breast cancer. In 2011, we spread my brother-in-law’s ashes here, who sadly lost his battle. We are blessed to have a family cottage just a short walk from Pemaquid Point. Now, the fourth generation of little ones scrambles about on these rocks.

Chris Coombs Bournemouth, England

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