Where in Maine? Our Favorite Answer

Photographed by Benjamin Williamson

Pennesseewassee Lake

Each month, Down East editors select our favorite response to “Where in Maine?” Here is our favorite letter from March’s photo.

It’s true that pictures are worth a thousand words. While most people will look at this photograph and simply see a frozen lake and a beautiful sunset, I see my childhood and many adventures spent exploring Lake Pennesseewassee. I see my mother calling for me to come out of the water for the 20th time, only to have me sneak back in for one more swim. I’m reminded of my excitement of landing my first job there, as part of the Norway Recreation Department, teaching swimming to local kids in the morning and lifeguarding in the afternoon. I also remember starting each day swimming across the lake and back. Norway Lake, as it’s also known, was always my refuge, a place for me to recharge my batteries and lose myself in nature. And even though I moved away 30 years ago, this will always be my home. — Jana Rich, San Francisco, California

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