Can You Name This Riverside Maine Fort?

Its main garrison is the country’s oldest surviving wooden military building.

Where In Maine? August 2023 clue
Photo by Dave Waddell

This riverside fort was built at the head of tide and as far upstream as old seafaring ships could navigate — the spot it occupies has been central to trade for thousands of years, first for the Wabanaki, then for European colonists. For the latter bunch, furs were of particular interest. The fort went up in 1754, during the French and Indian War, to promote Anglo settlement and to facilitate commerce between coastal cities and other inland outposts. Today, the main garrison is the country’s oldest surviving wooden military building, and the fort recently celebrated its 100th year as a museum. Now, the museum is starting work on a full-size replica of a trading post built on the site by members of the Plymouth Colony in 1628, hoping to finish in time for the post’s 400th anniversary. History in the making.

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