Can You Name This Anchor of Maine’s Seafaring Past?

Now a museum, visitors can stroll among more than a dozen 19th-century buildings.

April 2024, Where in Maine?
Photo by Dave Waddell
From our April 2024 Home & Garden issue

Plenty of other old captain’s houses are in the neighborhood — a couple of hundred years ago, a whopping 10 percent of all deepwater captains in the U.S. merchant marine called the surrounding harbor town their home (despite the local population never cresting 3,000). This particular house stands out, though, for what it became: part of a three-acre museum campus that recreates the feel of a thriving Age of Sail village. Visitors can stroll among more than a dozen 19th-century buildings — boathouse, vestry, town hall, and more — and duck inside to check out displays of watercraft, fishing gear, archival photographs, and other artifacts that help tell the rich history of Penobscot Bay seafaring. Nowadays, considerably more traffic occurs on the busy thoroughfare through town than on the water, but it’s still easy to imagine an old salt cozying up by the fire after a long voyage, idly spinning his globe as he imagined the next one.

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May 2024, Down East Magazine

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