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Can You Name This Uniquely Scenic Maine Ski Area?

It’s definitely not the biggest ski mountain in Maine, but it offers a wide range of terrain.

Where in Maine? March 2024
Photo by Dave Waddell
From our March 2024 issue

It can be a slow, creaky, and cold trip on the 4,000-foot-long, 40-year-old lift that was purchased from Shawnee Peak and then rebooted on this other mountain in 2015. The ride to the top is still well worth it: the ski area is the only one on the East Coast that offers ocean views from its slopes. Among Maine’s ski mountains, it’s far from the biggest, but in addition to splashy panoramas, it offers a full range of terrain, from the meandering Spinnaker trail to the blue cruiser Clipper trail to the test-your-mettle Lookout trail — more than enough to run you (ahem) ragged before you wind down with a hot chocolate in the old A-frame lodge.

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