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Where in Maine

Photograph by Darylann Leonard

Where in Maine?
December 2016

The venue is Bass Harbor in Bernard and the lobster pound the venerable Thurston’s, where generations have gathered to dine on the Quiet Side. It took my family 60 years of summer visits to MDI to finally spend some meaningful time at Ann’s Point Inn in Tremont last summer and take in the island from a proper perspective. In doing so, we learned an important lesson: the remarkable beauty that is Acadia can sometimes be better appreciated from a viewable distance (as your photo proves) than by walking directly over it with the crowds.

Steve Tober
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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  • February 3, 2017

    Anne Farrar

    What’s going on at your house, Portlyn ???Pemiquid in the last two months. I’m disappointed in you BIG TIME. Not how we want to represent Maine.